Large rooms are able to accommodate large groups for multi-purpose gatherings from Meetings to banquets


Ideal for groups discussions and activities. Each individual tables are able to seat up to 8 participants comfortably.

Class Room

Most desirable for lectures, training or other teaching requirements. Rows can be joined or separated to training requirements.


Ideal for larger groups, where a designated speaker addresses the participant. Suitable for presentations and heavy discussion.

Board Room

Suitable for groups fewer than 40 people where there will usually be a group leader or panel seated at the head of this set up.


From $850 per day
  • Theatre – up to 60pax
  • Classroom – up to 34pax
  • Boardroom – up to 24pax
  • Cluster – up to 30pax
  • U Shaped – up to 22pax

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