Our small rooms are able to be used for small functions like training or small meetings fewer than 20 people.

Board Room

Suitable for groups fewer than 20 people where there will usually be a group leader or panel seated at the head of this set up.

Class Room

Most desirable for lectures, training or other teaching requirements. Rows can be joined or separated to training requirements.


From $380 per day
  • Theatre – up to 25pax
  • Classroom – up to 14pax
  • Boardroom – up to 12pax
  • Cluster – up to 12pax
  • U Shaped – up to 10pax REGISTER

Next Step

With the diverse events you can host here, you only need to select the size of room suitable for the room you need. Check out the sizes of our rooms now!

Large Room

Medium-Sized Room

Foyer Area

Host Your Next Big Event With Us!

Our meeting rooms can host events such as: project launches, corporate presentations, video conferences, arbitration and mediation sessions, planning days, and more!